SOHC 500cc 30M/Post 1948 350cc 40M(Magnesium Crankcase) Rear Engine Plates - Pair

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- These rear engine plates are to  laser cut, using original SOHC Manx engine plates as original and are to fit 1935 - 1950 M30/early Manx rigid and plunger chassis with 500cc magnesium crankcases. They will also fit if you have post 48-50 350 Manx crankcases, as Norton used 500cc magnesium crankcase for both size categories from 1948 onwards.  Email our Sales email if you are not sure which type you have if 350cc. 

- Note: It is extremely difficult to find two original Manx frames with exactly same engine lug hole positions, there are often small discrepancies.  Therefore I can also supply these engine plates with the hole for the frame mount left blank if desired. I will also supply both sets if required, and you send back whichever set you do not use. Please request this when ordering.

Plates come linished and lightly oiled

Price is per pair

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Recommended Retail Price, plus delivery

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