Manx/Racing International Chinpad Tabs (Stainless Steel) - Set of 4

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Lasercut and press tooled in stainless steel, to the original Norton pattern, these tabs when used with rubber straps are just as shown in the 1948 Norton catalog to retain the rubber chinpad to the petrol tank on racing models - which had 4 clips to take a chinpad (normally either a Competition International, Manx Norton or Clubmans petrol tanks - although Inter or any other Norton tank can normally have clips soldered on.

We have made press tool jigs so these tabs are bent to fit the original Norton (pre-Featherbed) style competition petrol tanks fitted with chinpad tabs.  I use the same tabs on my own competition Norton's.

After pressing, the edges where they are clipped onto the petrol tank are lightly linished, to minimise the chance of them scratching your paint.

Four are supplied per set.  (Note: Chinpad straps and chinpad black sorbo chinpads are sold seperately in the same Petrol Tank section).

Back in stock - April 2021

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