0211 A11/509(S) 'Norton' D Type Footrest Rubber Assembly (Pair)

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This Norton footrest set consists of the Norton 'D' type rubbers, the complete tube and both 'D' shape plates, as well as the two long bolts that hold the rubber footrests in place. In fhis form the complete assembly can just be slid over the original centre footrest shaft, and then retained by the big (chamfered) end nut, as per originals.

These assemblies are of the classic Norton 'D' shaped assemblies as fitted to most Norton singles from the 1930's through to the 1950's

Couple of things to note - these are made complete by my offshore (cheap and cheerful!) company, so may not be exactly the same as my lasercut plates (which are taken from originals), but are still well made and offer very good value for money . . . I could not get them made in the UK for this amount! The other minor point to note is that these are obviously for road going Inter's - If you want the proper correct early Manx type, with the tab to stop the foot sliding off, then you need to look at the lasercut competition type plates I also supply - in origina road pattern (as these are), with a small extended tab (to stop foot slipping off) and full pre-Featherbed Manx type - which have a large tab on the outside - Items 0209, 0209B and 0210).


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