Upright Norton Gearbox Top Shoulder Bolt - Stainless Steel

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This is the distinctive top should bolt that provides the top gearbox mounting for all 'upright' style Norton gearboxs (i.e. anything prior to swinging arm or Featherbed frame). Price is Each.

Our version of this bolt is CNC manufactured from high tensile stainless steel and is identical to the original item other than the material. We can also offer the adjuster bolt assembly that feeds through the centre of this bolt, and the 'Manx type' version of the distinctive nut for this bolt - as well as offering all 3 items as a complete assembly, see also items 567,568,569

Note: I know some customers have expressed concern over the years that stainless steel can sometimes 'grab' on threads, particularly where a lot of pressure is required on threads, like these bolts.   I can tell you that in my own personal experience over the last 20 years of using stainless steel fastenings - this is not the case, and these bolts are a case in point - you should find the threads just as smooth and strong as good quality steel bolts.  I tend to use molybdenum grease (black in colour) or copper grease in preference, but any good grease lubricant should work well.  It is also worth pointing out - original Norton versions of this bolt are often found with worn threads . . . which obviously can lead to the gearbox moving under drive (and is one of the contributing factors to cracking the top gearbox lug or frame lug eventually).

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