Building and Tuning The OHC Longstroke Norton Engine Booklet - Mitchell Barnes (See Listing)

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This listing is to advertise a very useful 32 page A4 sized publication titled 'Building and Tuning The OHC Long Stroke Norton Engine', by well known Norton SOHC enthusiast - Mitchell Barnes, who lives in Australia. This publication contains a wealth of information for anyone who is rebuilding or restoring a SOHC or DOHC Norton model, and I have had a well thumbed copy of it for many years myself! 

As well as supplying much information on both SOHC and DOHC engines, it also includes useful informtion on carb settings and gearbox information.

We do not stock or sell this item ourselves - because importing it into the UK before selling it to customers would make it too expensive for customers - instead, because we get asked by so many customers what 'SOHC Workshop Manual' information is available? - if you order this item - we will email you Mitchell Barnes contact details so you can contact Mitchell and order it directly from him - making it more economical for you.

Please note - We have no direct links to Mitchell Barnes and only receive a small forwarding commision from Mitchell, if our link results in a sale for the publication - which Mitchell will inform us. Therefore, If ordering this item - it is just a request for contact information and you will not be charged anything from us for doing so.  We will email you with contact details and cc Mitchell in that email.  Once that is done - all other details for information or sale of this publicatication will be between yourselfs and Mitchell Barnes directly

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