Norton International Petrol Tank Cup Bottom Rubber

Norton International Petrol Tank Cup Bottom Rubber

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- Flat bottom tank rubber used between dished washer and frame bracket (1.250" diameter) - Four required per petrol tank (8 req'd if your Inter tank bracket has a cup diameter of only 1 1/4") - Also used on all Pushrod and Sidevalve petrol tanks - Price is per each

These doughnut (i.e non-lipped) type rubbers are used in conjunction with the lipped type (Item 0128) rubbers, to all Pre-Featherbed frames using tank bolts (including bolt-thru tanks which used them under the alloy cross beam and rear casting).  They fit under the frame petrol tank castings, and are fitted inside the steel cup (Item 0123), then a petrol tank bolt (Item 0124) is fitted upwards through all into the petrol tank (or long thru bolt in the case of Manx bolt-thru tanks. When the bolts are tightened, the rubbers squeeze and stop the tank from vibrating and helps stop splitting

These rubbers are manufactured specially for RacingNorton and are fuel/oil resistent of a high quality firm rubber, which will not easily break up or soften (which is how most original and pattern ones go eventually).

Note: although not my speciality, I believe these same rubbers were also used on non-Featherbed framed twin Norton's - i.e. Dominator's

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