Norton International Petrol Tank Platform Packing Washer - Road Models (Each)

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This is the Large pan Washer used between the top rubber and the petrol tank on Norton Internationals and Norton pushrod/Sidevalve models. Four Fitted per petrol tank.

Price is per each

This item is listed in the 1948 Norton Spare Parts List, and is shown fitted to both International and other OHV/SV models, as being fitted between the petrol tank and the lipped washer (our Item 0128, as shown in the photo).

The washer is certainly very useful for ensuring the rubber does not 'mush out' against the base of the petrol tank . . . but I have found on some petrol tank fittings it is difficult to insert this washer because adding this meant it was difficult for the special Norton petrol tank bolt (our Item 0124 - which are always a standard size) to reach the thread under the petrol tank.  Therefore I would question if this washer was fitted to all single cylinder petrol tanks - and certainly it is very common to find it has been omitted.  I notice that some petrol tank threads seem flush with the mount, and some are slightly recessed - I can only suggest you try . . . and if you can fit them, and the rubbers do not look over compressed - then it is a good idea to use them.

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