Norton Side Valve (16H or Model 1) Tappet Chest Gaskets: Set of 4 : 1948 - 1955 Type

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This is the upper and lower gasket set that fits the alumium tappet cover casting on 1948 -  1955 type side valve engines (similar to the pushrod gasket set for the OHV engine) - with 4 gaskets in the set.  See detail listing for more fitment information

Similar to the 1948 - 1955 OHV engine, the Side valve engine shared the same crankcase and cam pusher design - and it also shared the same lower tappet rubber seals on the lower part of the aluminium tappet adjuster casting.  However, on the top of this same casting were different sealant material gaskets, which were unique to this model.  This set of 4 consists of the 2 lower rubbers seals and the two large oil resistent gaskets.   See picture of the 16H sidevalve engine from the 1948 Spare Parts Catalog that show the casting these gaskets were fitted to.

These are nice quality seals/gaskets manufactured for us by a well established and specialist gasket manufacturer in the UK

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