SV Norton 16H and Big4 Inlet or Exhaust Valve

SV Norton 16H and Big4 Inlet or Exhaust Valve

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- Highest quality inlet or exhaust valve manufactured by G & S Valves - to fit Norton SV (Side Valve) 16H, Big4 and Model 1 engines.  Price is per valve

This valve is the standard specifcation Norton valve fitted to side valve (SV) single cylinder Norton models from the early 1930's to the late 1950's.  I am not entirely sure if this valve will also fit pre-1930 Side Valve Norton engines- but email us at if you need more detail on dimensions.

Final point on valves - Norton single cylinder SV valves are not interchangeable with SOHC or OHV valves - however, the collets for side valve engines are the same as the OHV valves and we do sell these collets - Item Number: 0675.

Note August 2018:  I will shortly be offering a selection of Norton of other Norton SV valve gear and other engine parts.  email on normal for more information

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