Norton OHV/SV (ES2/Mod18/Mod50/Mod19/16H/Big4 etc) Valve Collets - Pair (i.e. to fit one valve)

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Valve Collets to fit all OHV and SV Norton models - i.e. Norton ES2, Model 18, Model 19, Model 50, Model 55, Norton 16H, Big 4 etc.  Collets are high quality CNC machined in-house.  Sold as a joined pair (i.e. to fit one valve) 

Sold as a joined pair (i.e. to fit one valve), meaning they are not fully split in halves - when you  are ready to fit them, just split them with a small screwdriver and lightly file the two small joining tabs.  Collets are always sold this way, to ensure they are fitted as a matched pair .  Two (pairs) required per engine.

Note:  We also sell OHV valves and coil spring top/bottom cup plates and springs - all designed to be fitted together to an OHV Norton single cylinder engine - all parts being identical pattern and compatable with originals. However, if fitting the top/bottom valve spring cups to early SOHC engines with coil springs - do not use these collets, as SOHC valves have a different valve stem/collet angle.  Instead look for the relevent Inlet/Exhaust SOHC collet, which will be compatable.  These collets are only suitable for OHV engines

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