SV Norton 16H and Big4 Valve Springs - Pair

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- UK manufactured coil valve springs to fit 16H, Model 1 and Big 4 Sidevalve engines of the pre-war and WD type.  Pattern taken from 1937 sidevalve engine.  Price is per pair.

As can be seen from the photos, these springs are to fit the pre-48 type 16H engine, produced through the 1930's and also fitted to WD 16H engines through WWII.  They may also fit the post 48 16H engine . . . but as I no longer have one of these engines I cannot confirm this (the valve spring in that engine is shown in catalog as being A2/144).  If someone has a valve spring for this engine that can confirm length and inner bore diameter, I would be very grateful if they could email us to confirm -, as I can then update this listing or look to have that spring manufactured as well

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