OHV (Late 30' - '50's) Coil Valve Springs (and some CS1) - Set of 4 Springs

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High quality (UK manufactured) coil valve springs to fit Norton OHV single cylinder models (ES2 and Model 18) from 1930's - 1950's as well as some SOHC CS1 engines.  Price is for a set of 4 springs - 2 inners and 2 outers (i.e. enough for one engine.

These springs are of the type fitted to the 1938 - 47 OHV engine and the later 1948 - 1958 OHV engine.  The outer spring is 51.7mm length and 42.2 outer diamter.  The inner spring is 51.2mm and 33.2mm outer diameter.

These springs are manufactured by the same company that make our SOHC hairpin valve springs, and an original 'New old stock' pair of Terry Norton ES2 coil valve springs were used as pattern to match spring strength.

Price is for a set of 4 springs.

Note: As well as fitting all Norton single cylinder OHV models from the 1930's - 1950's, these springs may also be the correct fit for your Norton CS1 SOHC engine, if fitted with coil springs (as oppose to hairpin springs ) - but please check your originals for length first.  I do not have any original early CS1 coil springs to check against (i.e. pre 34), but have been told by a customer with early '30's CS1 engine that his outer springs were 66mm in length - therefore these may not be a suitable replacement if you have original springs of that length.

Note 9/4/20:  I am currently trying to establish definitive late 1920's OHV valve springs as well as the early 1930's CS1 coil valve springs - as I have been provided varying dimensions.  Once I am sure on original dimensions, I will look to have these earlier spring types manufactured.  If you have an original spring you know to be correct dimensions for either of these engines, I would be glad to take dimensions from you - email sales@racingvincent.co.uk. thanks.


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