OHV (1948 - 1959 Type) Coil Valve Springs - Set of 4 Springs

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High quality (UK manufactured) coil valve springs to fit all Norton OHV single cylinder models (ES2, Model 18, Model 19, Model 50) from 1948 - 1959.  The 1948 onwards engine is one of the most popular, but employed a different spring and cups to the OHV earlier engines, these are the correct type springs.

These springs are of the type fitted to the 1948 - 1959 OHV engine.  The outer spring is 51.7mm length and 42.2 outer diamter.  The inner spring is 51.2mm and 33.2mm outer diameter.

These springs are manufactured by the same company that make our SOHC hairpin valve springs, and an original 'New old stock' pair of Terry Norton ES2 coil valve springs were used as pattern to match spring strength.

Price is for a set of 4 springs.

Note: Like many Norton OHV owners who have had various models their collection - for many years I did not appreciate that the pre-1948 OHV engine (i.e. 1938 - 47 design, that included Model 18, ES2 and Model 50) had different valve springs to the design adopted in 1948.  In fact, I am pretty sure that I had stripped down 1947 type engines (i.e. those with long pushrods and see-saw type cam followers, with hardened pins pressed in on one end), and found them fitted with the same valve springs as the 1948 onwards engine.

However, the main difference between the two types of valve springs is that this (later) 1948 onwards type is slightly shorter, and employs a flat topped Top Valve Cap (which we also offer - Item 0674), while the earlier 1938/47 engine uses the pre-war length valve springs and conical Top Valve Cap (Item 0673).

If you are unsure which type of valve spring your engine requires, please email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk and we can help identify the correct type for your engine.

Note: We are always learning and I would be interested to know from any owners who have what they believe to be a an original set of 1938-47 valve springs - particularly a New Old Stock of Terrys valve springs for this model . . . so that I can confirm that the 1947 type were the same as the pre-war 1938 - 39 type, as shown in the 1938/39 Spare Parts Catalog (to my knowledge, Norton did not print another Spare Parts Catalog until the introduction of the newly designed OHV engine in 1948).  Thanks.


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