OHV/SV/Dominator Rigid/Gardengate/Swing Arm: Brake Pedal Pivot Bolt and Nut

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Stainless Steel rear brake pedal pivot bolt and nut to fit OHV and Side Valve siingle cylinder models, and all pre Featherbed roadgoing models.  This is the pivot bolt that screws into the frame from which the rear brake pedal pivots.  If your brake pedal currently flops about, there is a good chance it is this pin that is worn

It is worth noting that there have been quite a few variations on this brake pivot bolt over the years, but this is type that was fitted to most (non SOHC) road going models.  

It is distinguishable by two features:

- The thread that screws into the frame is 1/2" x 20 tpi BSC (not 7/16" BSC as on SOHC models)

- The length of the shaft is 1.00" (one inch), which should be the width of hole on your brake pedal.  If your brake pedal is shorter (i.e. 0.885") then instead see item 0654 as that is a Manx type brake pedal. 

These brake pedals are CNC machined in-house and if I say so myself are quite nice! As well as not rusting, the stainless Hex will also improve the look in this area. 

They also come fitted with one of our special wide pan washers (dull nickel plated) which properly retains the brake pedal.  finally it also comes with stainless steel retaining nut.  At time of this listing being written (April 2017) we are supplying the pin with a 5/16" BSC Nyloc Nut, but as I am unable to obtain these any longer, once current stocks are gone we will supply with an in-house made extra depth stainless 5/16" Nut

If you have a SOHC International or SOHC Manx/M30 model see also items 0653 and 0654, as they are both different.  If you think you have a different variation, then please email at sales@racingvincent.co.uk as we may be able to offer those by special order

If you would like to see how we CNC machine these Brake Pedal Pivot Bolts then click on the following link to a short Youtube video of them being made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVnjULA_zoM&feature=youtu.be

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