Solid State Voltage Regulator (V-Reg-2a) - Modern Replacement for Original Lucas/Miller Type

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This product listing is for an excellent quality modern 'Solid State' dynamo regulator which can be used to replace original 'insides' of the notoriously unreliable Lucas 33018a type mechanical regulator, fitted to most Norton single roadgoing models both pre and post war.  The Lucas regulator was fitted to Norton's in conjunction with the Lucas E3 type Dynamo.  Likewise, this modern solid state regulator is also a suitable replacement for the (even more unreliable!) Miller type regulator, as fitted to Vincent models postwar for regulating the Miller D6 dynamo.

'Solid State' means it is totally sealed with no moving parts and using modern reliable semi-conductors which can handle up to 100w at 6volt and even more for the 12 volt version (providing of course your dynamo is capable of providing that power!).  This particular dynamo regulator is manufactured by Tab-Tec and is well known and trusted. You can either fit it somewhere where it is not easily visible - or as I am using it on my Vincent 500 - I have removed the 'guts' of the original Vincent Miller regulator from its case and have fitted it in there - see accompanying photographs.  I will also be doing the same thing when I come to fit one to my 1937 roadgoing Norton International - I will remove the innards of a Lucas 33018a regulator and place it in there (just like the one in the photograph).

The other good bit of news about this type of regulator is that it can be fitted to both 6 volt and 12 volt systems.  Originally Norton and Vincent were both fitted with 6volt systems, but if you have subsequently fitted a 12 volt system to your bike, this will still work - it just requires one of the 4 wires is not used, covered in the instructions

Note:  This particular type of V-Reg-2a regulator is a NEGATIVE EARTH polarity version - negative earth being the normal wiring method for nearly all Norton singles and Vincent version C motorcycles.  It is important that you check your wiring harness is Negative earth, as this regulator will not work on Positive Earth and will be damaged if wired incorrectly.  If you do require a Positive Earth version, I can supply these to special order.

As a final point, when fitting mine I sheathed the wires in black pvc sheathing (as can be seen in the photograph of the miller regulator), as most wiring harness's on our bikes would have - so I have included a similar length of pvc sheathing with every unit - you might not get this if purchased from other suppliers!  

The unit comes with full instructions and guarantee from my supplier and is an excellent and reliable replacement for the crappy old originals! 

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