Reproduction Lucas Dynamo Bakelite Cover (1937 - @1953 models)

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Reproduction of the black bakelite cover fitted to Lucas Magdyno Dynalmo's of the CVC/2 brush type that were typically fitted to all Norton roadgoing models from approximately 1937 - to the early 1950's.

The original bakelite cover is often chipped or broken, this modern plastic version is virtually indistinguishable.

Note, does not include any fittings - you will need to remove those from your old cover.  Check your dynamo to ensure it takes this type of cover, as it is not uncommon to find they were fitted with a replacement dynamo of a different year.  Originally, Norton's fitted a 3 brush dynamo up to 1937 - these would have been fitted with an all encapsulating steel cover, while from about 1954 a longer dynamo was fitted, again with a bigger all enveloping cover (although looking very different to the pre-37 version) - but this cover was fitted to the 'short' dynamo type - the third photo shows the type this was fitted to

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