Reproduction Lucas Dynamo Bakelite Cover (1937 - @1953 models)

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This is a plastic reproduction of the black bakelite cover fitted to Lucas Magdyno Dynalmo's of the E3LM type that were original fitment on most Norton roadgoing models from approximately 1937 - to the early 1950's. 

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This particular cover is identifiable to the Lucas E3LM Dynamo type, fitted to roadgoing Norton singles from 1937 - becasue the securing screw is moulded off centre (see photographs).  There was also another type of Lucas Dynamo of the same period, where the hole for the retaining screw was in the middle - we can obtain that cover as well - email us on  Please check your own dynamo and ensure this is the correct (off centre  screw hole) for your dynamo before ordering.

Most Norton roadgoing models were fitted with the E3LM Dynamo Type from 1937 (the type prior to that was a very different pressed steel cover - sorry, we cannot help with that - although I have one fitted to one of my bikes) and was fitted to approximately the late 1940's/early 1950's, when it was replaced by the next variation of this dynamo - which was slightly longer, more powerful and (again) had a pressed steel cover.  

There is a period line drawing of the end of the Lucas E3LM this cover was intended to fit - taken from a period 1950's Norton workshop manual - and as you can see it shows the same 'offset' screw retaining hole

Fitting Notes and update June 2023: This item had been out of stock for about 4 years now - but pleased to say it is now available again - I note that the moulding shape is slightly different from the proevious version. and it looks like it maty have been re-inforced around the wire connectors - maytbe to strengthen it, but the layout and fitment looks the same as the previous version.

I noted that the new version, as well as being strenghtened, has another slight difference over the original type (which is shown in one of the photographs as a comparison, alongside the version listed here)- the old type had two letters in the moulding where the new type do not - 'D' and 'F', which reference the original wiring.  Use this photograph as a reference when fitting to remind yourself which connector is which.



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