SOHC Big End Oil Jet Holder - To fit DOHC Manx Norton (Each)

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DOHC Big End jet holder to fit later Featherbed framed DOHC shortstroke style engines - similar to the SOHC version, but the shoulder and thread are a wider diameter - see detail listing for more information.  Price is each

We do not normally sell the later DOHC parts, but this is an exception - this is the Big End Jet Holder to fit DOHC Featherbed framed Manx Norton.  Distinguishable from the SOHC type in that the shoulder/thread is 0.5" diameter.

 Note:  the pre-Featherbed (Gardengate) DOHC engine and early longstroke Featherbed engines should all use the SOHC type with the small er (.436" diameter shoulder type).

Other than the shoulder/thread dimensions, in other respects the quill holder is the same as the SOHC version and will take the same quills.

Although I have never tried it - I would expect that if you have a badly worn hole in your timing cover (and the standard SOHC or +2 thou SOHC types are both too loose) - then it might be possible to use this type - but any customers needing to attempt this would need to check for themselves first and ensure the hole is bored absolutely central to accept the holder.  I know in the past customers have told me they have a worn timing cover , where the original holder has spun in the housing.

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