2BA x 7/8" Cheesehead Screws for Handlebar/Electrical Controls - Bar Turned - Per Pair

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2 BA x 7/8" CNC bar turned Stainless Steel Cheesehead Screws - per pair. Common size for handlebar fittings such as the smaller electrical switch's

These cheesehead screws are CNC machined by ourselves in-house, and have the correct curved cheesehead as was seen fitted to many levers and controls on British bikes.  They are stainless steel and if we say so ourselves are very nice quality - not the normal mass produced screws.  

They add the finishing touch to your latest restoration, or just spruce up your unrestored bike - as it is very common to see the screws on older bikes chewed and the screwdriver slot unusable.  The slots on these screws are just the right depth and allow a bit more purchsase than cheap modern 2 BA screws.

Please Note:  I have seen British bike levers/controls fitted with different screw threads sizes over the years - most commonly 1BA or 2BA (e.g. our competition levers are fitted with 1 BA screws) and we sell both. 

This listing is for 2BA screws, where the outside diameter of the thread is 0.185"/4.68mm.  This size is more common to find on smaller electrical switchs - like the horn button or cutout switch, headlight rim securing screw etc.  If you do not have an original screw for your controls and are not sure which to order  - then a 2BA thread will allow a No22/4mm drill to just slide through

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