Norton Kneepad Rubber - Original Type Fixing Screws: OHV/SV (1/4") SS - Pair

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These CNC manufactured stainless steel screws are identical to the original Norton items, except we CNC manufacture them in stainless to the original Norton pattern (Note read below and also see Item 0478 before deciding which screws are right for your tank and ordering).

This type have 1/4" BSC Thread, most commonly fitted to OHV/SV models - and as you can see in the photographg, a pair of these screws are fitted to a standard roadgoing tank of the 1930's to the early 1950's.  

This particular tank is actually a late 1940's 16H SV petrol tank (it does not have the cutout underneath which the visiually identical OHV tank of the same period had) - but most Norton petrol tnaks ot this stile were fitted with 1/4" BSC threads for the kneepads (and those shown are original Norton kneepads - but we also offer replica's of those - Item 0394).

Please Note that we also sell a second kneepad fixing screw which is of an indentical style - but which uses a larger 5/16" BSC thread (Iten0478).  It is difficult to be sure which Norton models for which years used which screw type - so please check your own petrol tank kneepad threads before ordering - as I believe some OHV/SV may have been fitted with the larger 5/16" thread holes, and likewise - some SOHC tanks may have been fitted with this smaller 1/4" BSC thread.

Up to 1953 all models used the type of rubber kneepad shown here though, and the kneepad screws are of identical profile - other than the thread diameter.

The profile for these screws is taken from an original Norton kneepad screw - but we CNC manufacture these screws in stainless steel - with a milled screwdriver slot. Original screws were dull nickel plated, and as they were recessed in the kneepad rubber, nearly always rusted and looked grubby - fitting these stainless steel screws look correct, but will improve the appearance of the petrol tank and will not rust in the future.

Price is per pair of screws.  



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