Norton 1939 'The Roadholder' Sales Catalog - Colour Facsimile

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- This is a high quality facsimile of the 1939 edition of 'The Roadholder' sales catalog. It includes a summary of the previous years sporting achievements, and a line drawing of every model in that years range, including all the camshaft models - CS1, CJ, Model 30, Model 40 and Racing International (which in 1939 was the 'Gardengate' spring frame).

All 1930's Roadholder catalogs had a predominant colour and for 1936 it was Green.

These facsimiles are printed on high quality paper, with a black cover - extremely close in size and quality to the original (note: even on original 'Roadholders' some of the fine text accompanying photos was almost illegible! I have also found that the 'Roadholder' motif on the cover is difficult to replicate to the same depth of colour as the original - and i run them through the printer 3 times to do this!)

As the normal format of these sales catalogs (by year) was to summarise the previous years sporting achievements in the first half of the catalog, and then provide a page/picture for every model in that years range in the second half of the catalog - as well as being an interesting read in their own right, they are invaluable for anyone restoring a bike from that year.  And for anyone with a passing interest in the 1930's era - I also liked the way the Norton graphics department tried to put an Art Deco look to some of the borders and headings

Please Note:  I am aware these facsimile copies are not cheap, but please bear in mind that as well as the quality of reproduction - the average price I have had to pay for the very rare original copies of pre-war Roadholder catalogs has been between £120 - £200 each, they are very hard to find!   

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