Late 1920's - 1934 OHV Cylinder Head (Short) Stud (Stainless Steel) - Each

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These Cylinder Head studs are of the type fitted to pre-war OHV Valve engines in the late 1920's and early 1930's, where the design of OHV engine had seperate head studs (i.e. before the introduction of long 'through' studs. See listing for more information.  Price is per stud

Price is per stud.  Normally 4 are required per OHV Cylinder Head.

We have CNC machined these from stainless steel, using an original 1932 OHV Cylinder Head stud as the pattern - which can be seen in one of the accompanyning photos - alongside an original, but very chewed cylinder head sleeve bolt (not included).   WD16H cylinder head stud to ensure we got the lengths of thread going into the barrel, and protruding from the cylinder head, as per the original Norton stud.

It is difficult to be definitive about which OHV models used this exact size stud, but a similar cylinder head stud is shown for OHV models from the 1929 Spare Parts Catalog (part number 4067), the 1931-32 Spare Parts Catalog (3X71) and 1934 Spare Parts Catalog (part number 9135).  This stud was copied from a 1932 OHV Model 18 engine, in the middle of this range. 

Email us on if you require more information to confirm these are correct for your engine.

Note October 2022:  Sorry, but at this time we cannot offer the sleeve type cylinder head nuts shown in one of the photographs, but email us if you are interested - we are considering making a batch (recent increases in price of stainless steel and machining means these would not be cheap though!)

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