'Norton' Kneepad Rubber - Original Type Fixing Screws: SOHC (5/16") SS - Pair

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These CNC manufactured stainless steel screws are identical to the original Norton items, except we CNC manufacture them in stainless to the original Norton pattern. These are to fit the Norton kneepad type shown in the picture - but this is for tanks with 5/16" BSC thread holes.  

Price is per pair of screws

As can be seen from the accompanyning photographs - an original Norton screw (dull plated steel, just starting to rust on its head!) from one of my Norton pie crust SOHC International petrol tanks was used as the pattern for us to CNC manufacture these screws - identical in profile to the original Norton items, except made in stainless steel, and very pretty so they will not rust.

The screwdriver slot is milled and is made with original BSC thread, so they should be a direct replacement item for your originals if (like most are) they are now looking a bit grotty.  This type of screw was used on many types of petrol tanks that used the 'Norton' type kneepads shown in the picture (fitted to all Norton models from early 1930's to mid 1950's), but particularly SOHC petrol tanks.

However, many tanks - particularly OHV and SV tanks fromt th 1930's to 1950's were fitted with similar shaped screw - but employing a smaller 1/4" BSC thread - therefore please check your petrol tank before ordering.  If you require the smaller (1/4") diameter thread for your tank - then we can also supply these, see Item 1203

Price is per pair of screws

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