1930's - 1957 16H and Big4 SV (Side Valve) Cylinder Head Nuts (Stainless Steel) - Each

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These Cylinder Head nuts are perfect copies of the design used by Norton's on 16H and Big4 Side Valve models, from the 1930's through to the end of Side Valve production in approximately 1957 - they have a distinctive deep hex and a gradual curve to the top of the nut - which was a Norton feature on many of their engine bolts. 

Price is per nut.  Normally 9 are required for a complete SV Cylinder Head.

We have CNC machined these, using an original 'New Old Stock' Post War 16H nut - ours are identical, other than being manufactured from stainless steel, so they do not rust and will transform the look of your SV engines cylinder head! However, as you can see from the factory picture of a 1937 WD 16H engine - the same design of Side Valve cylinder head nut was also used pre-war (sorry, I am not sure when this nut design was first used - but providing your cylinder head studs are 3/8" x 26tpi BSC, then these should fit).

We inclujde a picture of the 'New Old Stock' cylinder head nut in the picture (which is normal steel, satin nickel plated), and as you can see we have emulated all the features of the original nut, including the chamfers and shoulders.

Normally - seven of these were fitted per cylinder head, and as they are in a very visible location (and most Side Valve engines I see have original nuts which look a bit sorry for themselves) - hopefully you will agree, fitting a set of these should transform the looks - as well as making removing the cylinder head a much simpler chore if your original nuts are chewed. 

As always, the hex bar we use is the correct Imperial spanner size of the original nut - now even more difficult and expensive to find in stainless steel.

Note: We also sell the corresponding cylinder head studs for these Side Valve engines, in two varieties, both also in stainless steel: Item 1131 - for Pre War type, as per WD16H in photo, and Item 1132 whcih is the type used on Post 1948 Side Valve engines. 

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