Pre-War - Plain Black Style 'Wedged' - Sporting/Racing Bum Pad (Steel Frame)

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This is a high quality reproduction of a typical 1930's-40's black 'bum pad' as commonly fitted to many Pre-War sports or racing bikes.  This type is 'Wedged' - i.e. slightly higher on one end than the other, and typical of the type fitted to competition bikes in period.  This bum pad has a steel frame and like most bum pads of the period, the frame has 4 extending tabs that allow it to be bolted to the mudguard.

In the accompanyning photographs we have shown one of these bum pads loosely placed over one of our Sports/Racing C-Section Rear mudguards - Iand I believe 1/4" hex bolts would be perfect for mounting it to this type of mudguard - I always use that size.  Note: on a narrow rear mudguard such as in thie picture - it may be better to gently 'tweak' the tabs so they better match the arc of slimmer racing mudguards - but this is easy to do and I have always had to do this when fitting similar bum pads to my own Racing Bikes.  

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This is a high quality reproduction of a typical 1930's-40's black 'bum pad' as commonly fitted to many Pre-War sports or racing bikes.  These come to us from a specialist UK based seat manufacturer - however, I believe that they actually have the bum pads manufactured offshore - and this is reflected by the very reasonable price these are offered at. But please do not be misled by that - we believe the quality of material and manufacture is as good as any we have seen made in the UK.

(Note:  regular customers might remember we were offering an almost identical bum pad pre-Covid, which was fully manufactured in the UK.  Although they too were excellent quality . . . we could not warrant the huge difference in price - when the build quality and material quality of this bum pad is virtually identical to that ot the far more expensive type)

As with most 'Wedged' type bum pads - as well as being used with the slightly higher end at the rear (i.e. so a racing rider could slide backwards off the saddle, and rest against the bumpad) - they can also be turned the other way round if desired, and used as a pillon pad - although as with most 1930's sports type pillion pads - they may not offer a pillion rider much comfort!!

These bum pads have a steel frame and the dimensions are shown below - but when fitting these to sports motorcycles in the past (which may have narrow mudguards) - I have found the eyelets of the frame can easily be 'tweaked' to match the 'C' profile of whatever mudguard you have fitted.

The vital dimensions are as follows:

- Length of main rectangle of pad:                  260mm

- Width of main rectangle of pad:                   160mm

-  Centre Width of the mounting holes of the steel frame:  90mm

- Height on shallow end (edge of frame to centre of sponge at top):        76mm

- Height at deeper end  (edge of frame to centre of sponge at top):        100mm


Background to this design of Bumpad:

I have the same design of bumpad to this fitted to my 1938 Rigid framed Racing International (see the bike in the lower left corner of the accompanyning photograph) - although that bum pad was manufactured approximately  25-30 years ago - these are close to identical.  Although this bum pad does not come with mounting screws - we do sell suitable stainless steel 1/4" BSC hex bolt sets in our Fastenings section.


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