5/16 x 1" Stainless Bolt with Dome Head + Washer - To fit Repro Lucas Headlamp Unit (Pair of each)

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These are 5/16" x 1" long thread length, UNF Stainless Steel bolts - but with a CNC machined Norton 'rounded' profile head. 

Price is for two bolts and two wide faced washers, both in stainless steel

We offer these with our replica Lucas headlight units - which like so many proprietary manufactured units, use steel plated UNF bolts with modern writing on them - the headlamps come to us, supplied with modern UNF plated bolts with writing on them (Ugghhh!), therefore, we made these up so we could offer them with our headlamps - but can also offer them seperately in this listing, for anyone (Norton's or other marques) that have previously purchased either headlamps or similar replica items with 5/16" UNF thread - and want to replace them with something that looks a bit classier, and will not rust! 

These bolts are similar hex bolts to those that would have been originally fitted by Norton - but are in stainless steel.  We buy them as standard UNF hex bolts, then put them on our CNC and have machined a 'Norton rounded' profile to them, similar to that we use on other fastenings we manufacture of the 1930's-50's period.  We then linish polish them - so they look pretty and supply each with a wide faced stainless washer, so they are ideal for headlamps and other purposes.

Of course . . . if you have 5/16" stainless nuts available, you can also use them for other purposes - it is a handy size


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