Norton Gardengate Frame - Plunger Spindle Bottom: Extra Thick Washer - Stainless Steel (Pair)

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This item is for a pair of the extra thick washers that were fitted under the head of the plunger spindle bolt on Norton Gardengate plunger frames.   These are in stainless steel and price is for a pair.

If you own a Gardengate plunger frame (available for most single and twin cylinder Norton models between 1939 - @1953), and have ever stripped the rear plungers, you will know that the plunger spindle locates through two casting holes and then is secured with a heavyweight hex bolt at the bottom and a washer under the head of that bolt.  At first the washer may look like any other large washer - but if you look closely at an original Norton item you will find it is much thicker than any commercial washer of that hole diameter (almost a spacer!), and was originally stamped from thick plate.  This was because when assembling the plungers, the plunger spindle needed to be pulled down into frame lower spindle casting - so it fully seated in the taper.  If a normal thickness washer was used it would often 'bell' out and flex. I have stripped original plungers over the years, and found the correct thick washer replaced with ordinary ones . .. and they are normally mauled and not up to the job.

An original Norton 11181 plunger (extra thick) washer was used as the pattern for this item, we have them lasercut from stainless steel plate, then we lightly linish the edge to remove the resulting sharp edges.  In the accompanying photograph, the original Norton plunger bolt and washer are shown next to our stainless versions.  Although hidden away in use, they will do the job properly and will not rust!

Update May 2021:  We will shortly be making a batch of the correct Norton bottom plunger bolts shown in the photo, just as per the original pattern shown here, the dimensions being specific to that particular bolt. We will also be making a batch of the original style alloy plugs that fitted into the top of the plunger rods, and normally get damaged.  Email as normal on if you wish to reserve a pair of either. 

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