OHV/SV Big End Oil Feed Quill Plunger (1938 - 1959 OHV/SV type)

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This is the bronze quill/plunger used to feed oil to the Big End Bearing, as fitted to OHV and Side Valve (SV) models from 1938 onwards.

We CNC manufacture these quills to the original Norton pattern from the best quality Colisbro Nickel Silicon bronze (it has a more coppery look than regular phospher bronze, and Norton originally used a similar hard wearing material).

This style of bigend quill was fitted to both OHV and Side Valve models from 1938 onwards.  The only exception to this was the 1937 style WD (i.e. army model, not commercial type) 16H engine, which continued to use the earlier style Big end quill (Item 0080) for the duration of WWII.

We also sell seperately the correct spring for this Quill type, which is Item 0988 (and worth noting that this type spring has a different profile to the earlier quill spring used in pre-1938 OHV/SV engines.  It is also worth considering buying a spare spring as they are very easy to drop out and get lost when removing the timing cover.


If you are in any doubt which Big End quill your Side Valve or OHV model should use, then email us at sales@racingvincent.co.uk and we can assist.

Additional Note Dec 2020:  The picture shows one of these quills mounted in the original quill holder that is screwed into the Timing Case of These models.  We do not currently manufacture the holder, but may do so if there is demand - email us on sales@racingvincent.co.uk. If you a timing cover with this quill holder in place and are trying to remove it - it is worth noting that this item has a Left Hand Thread . . . so must be unscrewed the opposite way to normal!

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