OHV/SV Big End Oil Feed Quill Plunger Spring (1938 - 1959 OHV/SV type) - Spring Only

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This is the spring that fits inside the bronze quill/plunger used to feed oil to the Big End Bearing, as fitted to OHV and Side Valve (SV) models from 1938 onwards. We also manufacture the OHV Big End Quill that this spring fitted - Item 0964.

This listing is for the spring only - the main photo just shows the quill this spring is intended for, as the earlier quill uses a different spring.  It is also worth considering buying a spare spring as they are very easy to drop out and get lost when removing the timing cover.

Note, if you have a pre 1938 OHV/SV engine (or WD 16H engine), they used the earlier long type quill, and a different length conical spring - they are not interchangeable with this spring.  However, we manufacture both those earlier items as well.

These springs are manufactured by our trusted UK based spring manufacturer and are nice quality - an original Norton OHV Quill spring was used as the pattern.  

When fitting quill and spring, ensure both are lightly smeared in fresh oil and that the steel quil receptor has no signs of dirt or grease present.  When fitted the quill should just protrude from the quill jet holder and when pressed in should have a nice and smooth action and should return to it original unsprung position by itself. 

If you have any doubts as to if the tip of your quill is making contact with countersink in the flywheel mainshaft oil feed - you can smear a small anount of 'Engineer Blue' or similar marker on the end of the quill and then trial assembly the timing cover, rotate crankshaft a few times and then check to see if the 'Engineers Blue' has been touched, indicating the quill is making contact correctly.


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