Norton OHV (350cc/500cc/600cc) Pushrod Seal Set of 4 : 1956 - 1959 Type

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This gasket set consists of 2 x bottom O Ring rubber seals and 2 x top rubber tube seals of the correct type to fit the OHV pushrod tubes of the shorter 1956-59 design Supplied as a set of 4

This was the later design of OHV engine manufactured from 1956 onwards, and it differed from earlier OHV models, in that the fin had the upper pushrod area cast into the aluminium cylinder head - therefore the chrome pushrods that extended out from the crankcase upwards, were shorter than the earlier type - they reduced in diameter and fed into the cylinder head (instead of locating up to the rockerbox which the earler longer pushrod tubes did).

And although the pushrod tubes initially look like just a shorter version of the earlier pushrod tubes - actually the design at both the bottom and top of the tubes changed as well - at the bottom the tube open out to take a rubber O ring (rather than the earlier designs rubber collar).  And at the top of the tube, the chrome tube reduced in diameter and a rubber collar fitted over it.

This pushrod seal set consists of 2 x bottom O rings and 2 x rubber collar rings, 4 seals in total.

Incidentally, the photograph shows a genuine set of late pushrod tubes that have been in our collection of spare OHV parts since the 1960's! - and I also remember as a child at the same time my father stopping off in our Rover 90 at an old motorcycle shop in Norwich (when coming back from visiting relatives)  . . . and coming out carrying a complete (and rebuilt) Model 50 engine of the same type, shortly before the shop closed for good!. . . in later years when I was old enough to ride, it went into a rigid Model 18 chassis - a nice sweet engine.


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