Norton OHV and SV Crankcase Oil Pipe Junction Box Washer - 1950-59

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This is the gasket fitted between the oil pipe junction block and crankcase on later type OHV and SV models from approximately 1950-59. 

In the accompanying photographs you can see a photo of the type of crankcase that used this oil junction block which was on all OHV/SV models from 1950 to 1959. Prior to 1950, the (similar looking crankcase) had seperate brass union's for seperate input and output oil pipes (which we also sell - Item 0248b) - however, as engines or crankcases were sometimes swapped over, please check your crankcase has this oil pipe block before ordering.  

This gasket is manufactured for us in good quality oil resistent gasket material by a well established UK gasket manufacturer

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