Norton SOHC/OHV - Renolds Racing Quality Primary Chain and Split Link (Synergy)

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This is best quality Renolds primary chain (similar spec to the old GP type - now called Renolds Synergy), with standard Norton clutch basket diameter (i.e. either International or Manx). Note: standard SOHC International/Manx primary chains are listed as 76 Links in the 1948 Norton spares catalog. Our chains are 78 links (including the split link), so you can fit the chain to be sure - in case using a larger than standard engine sprocket.

Then once trial fitted you can remove the extra link(s) with a chain splitter/angle grinder, if not required.

Also: It is always stated that primary chains are less prone to breakage if fitted with a riveted 'soft link', rather than a 'split link'. This is particularly true if using the primary chain on a racing machine, using just a chain cover rather than the oil bath. However, although we cannot recommned the split link over the soft (rivetable) link, we understand that most customers prefer the split link for ease of fitting - so these come with the chain as default. We do sell the soft (rivetable) links as well though, as a seperate item if you require one.

You will see we already sell a good quality Renolds primary chain (Item listing - 0448), and this is fine for ordinary use and will last longer than cheap non-branded chains.  However, if you are running a competition or sports Norton with an open chaincase - I would highly recommend you consider to a top quality (racing spec) chain.  In the old days Renolds GP or similar used to be available, but nowdays it is called Renolds Synergy and is considered possibly the best quality transmission chain available.

I know from my own experiences when racing Norton singles with open transmissions - despite spraying them with chain oiler between every race, they quickly developed tight spots and wore out very quickly - a combination of running dry and the torque of a big single . . . so although not cheap, in my opinion - one of the most necessary areas of a Norton single to spend money.  

Obviously, there is no reason why they cannot also be fitted to roadgoing Norton singles (SOHC, OHV and Side Valve) running primary chainbath's if you want best quality.  In their literature they state this chain should out last other lesser quality chains by threefold. 


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