Norton SOHC/DOHC Hairpin Valve Spring Tongues - Original Norton Pattern

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These are heavyweight UK manufactured hairpin valve spring tongues, an essential for fitting hairpin valve springs to both SOHC and DOHC Norton singles fitted with hairpin valve spring heads.  These are handmade by a UK blacksmith to the original Norton pattern

As you will see from the photographs - I would describe the finish of these tongues as British 'Rural Engineering' at its best!  The finish may look non-machine made - but do not let that fool you, they have been hand beaten by a blacksmith with a hearth and anvil and are of very heavyweight construction - they look like there is no chance of them flexing or breaking, which some cheaper ones would do.  They are an essential for fitting hairpin valve springs to your Norton SOHC or DOHC engine (if fitted with hairpin springs).

These tongues weigh just over 1kg per pair.

The original Norton drawings were used as the template for these tongues - including the hook at the end of one of the handles, although I am not entirely sure what it is for - but assume it is so that you can safely hold them at the end of the handles, to apply most leverage, without them slipping out of your hands.

Update June 2023:  Back in stock: Note - These are handmade by a professional blacksmith in the UK, with a lot of effort to make them (and we get no discount for buying in larger numbers - the effort to make each set is the same) - hence, this is why these are far more expensive than a machine made tool.

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