SOHC Valve Spring Top Cup Plate

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CNC Machined top cup plate, with distinctive ears, which retain the hairpin valve springs on all SOHC engines using hairpin valve springs (and also pre-shortstroke DOHC engines).

These valve spring retainers fit all top cup plates (sold seperately) and are milled from solid. Unlike the originals (which were made from flimsy pressed steel and wear badly - with obvious consequences), these items are machined from solid EN24T and are extremely tough and hardwearing.

These are not a cheap item - as they are milled from solid and from a hard wearing material (high tool wear when machining), but are much stronger than the original items and fit both Inter and Manx style hairpin valve springs and our top cups very nicely - so well worth replacing your originals if you have any doubts about wear (check originals underneath, where the eye of the hairpin valve spring contacts the ear of the plate)

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