7/16" Stainless Steel Spring Washer (Alternative Reduced O/D Engine Bolt Washer) : Bag of 10

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7/16" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Spring Washers.  Alternative to item 0661 - Reduced Outer Diameter plain washers.  Used on Norton 7/16" Engine Bolts with reduced hex heads as used on SOHC engines: Price is for bag of 10

Unfortunately our 'Reduced O/D' 7/16" plain washers (item 0661) have proven very popular and are sold out - my manufacturer is not planning to make any more in the near future.  These spring washers are a suitable alternative.  Fractionally thicker than the plain washers, they look just like plain washers once tightened, and obviously have the additional benefit of ensuring the bolt does not loosen.  I am having to use these myself now - I try and ensure the spring split is facing downward so it is not obvious they are spring washers once fitted.

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