7/16" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Washer - Reduced Outer Diameter: Bag of 4

7/16" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Washer - Reduced Outer Diameter: Bag of 4

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7/16" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Washers, but with Reduced Outer Diameter, which are correct for Norton 7/16" engine bolts as used on SOHC engines: Price is for bag of 4

Trying to find the correct 'reduced outer diamater' type washers that were fitted to Norton Engine bolts is really difficult, particularly in stainless steel.  

PN Jan 2019: For those of you that have shopped in this section before you will know I previously had a batch of these special washers two years ago, they sold out very quickly and I am now unable to get them made.

Because of this and despite much trial and error trying other ways . . . I am now forced to take standard outer size stainless steel washers and mount them in a special chuck on a pillar drill, two washers at a time!  I then place them on a flat block and hit them with an internal drift, just to remove any excessive sharp edge.  This is not ideal and very time consuming and labour intensive - but it does save you having to do it yourself.  Obviously - this explains why the price is high for only 4 washers.

Please bear this in mind when ordering these washers - there may be the odd mark or burr on these washers (occasionally they spin in the chuck).  I do quality check them and filter out any that look too rough, but they wont look like a spotless washer, and please watch for any occasional sharp edges .  However, they look fine when fitted to engine bolts - and much more correct than the normal wide face 7/6" commercial stainless washers.

If anyone knows a supplier/manufacturer of these reduced outer width washers I would be glad to hear of them - nominal dimensions of these are:  Inner Diameter = 0.446", Outer diameter= 0.811"

Also note - if buying our 7/16" engine bolt sets - they come with normal width stainless steel washers, not these (they were all made up and packed individually before I started making these washers).  

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