7/16" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Washer - Reduced Outer Diameter: Bag of 6

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7/16" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Washers, but with Reduced Outer Diameter, which are correct for Norton 7/16" engine bolts as used on SOHC engines and other Norton singles:

Price is for bag of 6

Trying to find the correct 'reduced outer diamater' type washers that were originally fitted with Norton Engine bolts is really difficult, particularly in stainless steel.  If normal commercially available stainless steel washers are used - they look far too wide against the Norton engine plates and it totally ruins the look of the restoration - and often overhang the engine plate or foul something else. 

Having struggled in recent times to get these manufactured by our specialist UK fastener manufacturer, we now manufacture them ourselves - having them lasercut from stainless steel to the correct dimensions, then lightly linishing the outer edge on a rotary linisher to remove the sharp edge.  The result is a nice crisp and light 7/16" washer that looks perfect behind 7/16" Norton engine bolts, where they are fitted with Norton's 'reduced hex' style nuts.  They are also useful on other areas of a motorcycle where it is good practice to fit a washer behind a nut, but you do not want it to protrude far past the head.



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