14/024 Float Needle for Amal 276 and early TT Floatchambers

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Float needle to fit the Amal 276 type floatchambers and the early (mainly pre-war) type floatchamber.  Note: these float needles are of modified design to the original, with two grooves - which allows them to be used with the orginal copper floats (which use the groove furthest away from the cone) and the modern plastic type floats (which use the lower groove, closest to the cone)

Background: Amal TT (and RN) carburettors are more commonly fitted with Type 14 alloy TT floatchamber, which is identifiable by having a large Hex bottom feed/banjo, and used a different (wider at the base of the conical section) float needle to the one shown here.  To look at a float chamber of that later type - see our Item 0163.

However, earier TT carburettor's, particularly many of those fitted to SOHC Norton models pre-war used the earlier TT type float chamber, which was similar in build to the Amal 276 float chamber (road not racing), and both of these used the float needle shown here.  If you are unsure - the widest part of the cone for this needl2 is @0.222" diameter at the widest part of the cone.  The later competition type TT/RN floatchambers (normally in alloy) are wider than this - and are sold as item 0161.

This needle was also fitted to the road type Amal 276 float chamber, which used the standard pewter type alloy and had 'Amal' logo cast onto its body.  The pre-war type Amal TT float chamber was a different material, and did not have the 'Amal' logo on it.  In the accompanying second photograph is a picture of two original float chambers - on the left is a standard Amal 276 float chamber, with 'Amal' cast in side, on the right is a genuine early TT float chamber - which is different material to the 276 type.  As can be seen though, both types use the same bottom union and this type of float needle (note the banjo of the TT carb is of smaller centre diameter than the later TT Type 14 float chamber shown in Item listing 161).

The original 'copper' soldered floats have not been manufactured in many years, but plastic floats have recently been made as a direct replacement for these.  However, the plastic float has a clip that fits directly into the plastic (rather than the copper type that had a raised spring clip).  These needles have been manufactured with two grooves so either type of float can be fitted - there being approximately 5.5mm difference between the two:


Fitting Instruction:

- if fitting this needle to an original Copper float - use the groove furthest away from the cone 

- if fitting this needle using a modern Plastic float - use the groove closest to the cone


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