Spoke Set for 19" Rear Rim - Norton Cotton Reel (Rigid type) Hub

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40 Hole spoke set to fit 19" Rear rim and Norton cotton reel hub, as used on all Rigid, Swinging Arm (ES2, Mod50, Dommie) and roadgoing Featherbed International hubs (the type with equal flange diameters. The dimensions are taken from my own wheels.

This hub 

This listing is for a spoke set to fit a 19" rim to the Norton 'Cotton Reel' type hub, as fitted to most rigid framed rear wheels, as well as those most commonly fitted to all swinging arm and featherbed (none Manx) models rear wheels, up until the introduction of the full width hub in the late 1950's.  This 3 stud hub was also used on all pre-war non-Inter front wheels, so this spoke set should fit that type of wheel as well, providing you wish to fit it to a 19" rim.  This hub is identified by having equal diameter spoke flanges

Note: Plunger hubs have flanges of slightly different dimensions - email us if you want spoke sets for this model. These are good quality UK manufactured 9 gauge galvanised spoke and nipple sets.

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