Spoke Set for 21" Front Rim - Norton 7" (Inter) Single Sided Hub

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40 Hole spoke set to fit 21" Front rim using the 7" single sided (none Conical) type hubs fitted to pre-war road going Internationals' and postwar SOHC/OHV/SV models, prior to the introduction of the 8" brake (i.e. pre 1955).

Please note if you have a Norton road model (i.e SV or OHV) fitted with 19" Rim and the standard post-war type single sided hub, we can also obtain spoke sets for that wheel type - price per set will be similar to this listing, but normal turnaround to have spokes made is 5 weeks.  Email on Sales@racingvincent.co.uk to enquire. 

If you have a pre-war roadgoing CS1, OHV or SV model, then it is likely you will have a front wheel with 19" rim and bolt on left sided hub (onto a 'Cotton Reel' type hub - then email us with your original spoke length and we can also order these (they are similar to our Item 0362 - but spoke offset is likely to be different. 

Background: The 7" single sided hub was fitted both pre and post WWII.  However, genuine pre-war International 7" hubs are identifiable from the post war hub (which was then fitted to all single cylinder models to the mid 1950's), because the prewar Inter version was a single piece hub casting (as per the photograph of my own hub shown here which is from my 1937 road going International).  The post war type had a centre hub riveted to to the brake drum - however the spoke sizes are the same for both

Final Point: This item is very similar to item number 0361 (21" rim and conical type hub), except the brake side spokes are slightly longer for this item, as the 7" single sided flange has a smaller diameter than the early Conical brake flange.

These are good quality English supplier 9 gauge galvanised spoke and nipple sets. Please note: email us at sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you require more information before ordering.

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