Norton International Girder Fork Parallel Spring - Full Kit: Dull Nickel Plate Clevis

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This is a full kit for making up the distinctive Parallel Checkspring arrangement as fitted to competition Norton International/Manx girder forks pre war (except for clevis pins, which are sold seperately) - with clevis sets supplied in original Norton Dull Nickel plate finish

As one of the attached photographs show, these springs were originally fitted to the Works Norton bikes, were later made available for customer competition bikes.

The kit comprises: Two parallel springs, two sets of left hand clevis's, two sets of right hand clevis's, locknuts and washers. A right hand and left hand assembly is fitted to each spring, by so doing, it is possible to adjust the tension of the springs by just untightening and re-tightening the locknuts, so alleviating the need to remove the springs from the forks. This is how the original units were made.

The adjustable clevis's and locknuts for this kit are finished in very nice quality dull nickel plate, as per originals (I have to send them away to have this process done - it is now very difficult to find platers who are prepared to take on good quality dull nickel finish due to health and safetey laws today) and look very pretty. The special coarse 'worms/scrolls' screw into the springs (and are not very nice to make!). The difficulty in making these, and the special tooling that was required is reflected in the price.

I have included a photo of a similar set of springs attached to one of my own bikes.

For information: the springs are supplied unpainted - when paint them - I screw the 'worms' into the springs first, then after degreasing I etch prime and black topcoat the springs/worms together, before finally fitting the clevis assemblies etc. You may also want to araldite the worms when fitting - just to make it less likely for the worm to keep moving in the spring when adjusting.

Please Note: Clevis pins are NOT included. I sell two types of cleivs pins - the cheaper modern type (item 0357) or specially made Norton type (0347). As their is a big difference in price - I leave this to the customer to decide which they prefer, as both type do the same job

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