Norton Girder Fork Clevis Pin Set - Stainless Steel

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These are the distinctive Norton Clevis Pins, as fitted to all Norton girder forks - employing either 'normal' conical checksprings (fitted to most pre-war road models), as well as the racing parallel type checksprings (also listed in this section) - which we also manufacture.

The distinctive head pattern and style are identical to the original Norton items - employing a greasing hole through the centre, the only difference being that ours are CNC made from Stainless Steel, so they will not corrode.  These look nice, and hopefully are a bit tougher than the original nickel plated versions - which when found on original forks are invariably worn out!

This item is for a set of 4 clevis pins and 4 stainless steel split pins (i.e. enough to do one set of forks).

These are not a cheap item - but if you consider that as well as CNC machining in stainless steel - they also require additional milling for the central greasing hole that comes out of the side, and distinctive head shape - you will understand why they are far more expensive than standard clevis pins.

Update March 2022: These are now back in stock - a slight price increase, but given the increases elsewhere, relatively small - and they are the correct item for both Norton forks and upright Norton gearbox clevis pins

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