Red Fibre Washers - To Fit Original Amal TT/RN/GP Jet Holder and Banjos - (Pack of 6)

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This is the red fibre washer that fits between the main Jet Holder and the float chamber (two being used at this point) on original Amal TT, RN and GP competition carburettors.

The same washer is also used on the main banjo's used from 1940's onwards and fitted to TT's, RN's and GP's as well as Remote float chambers (again 2 fitted per banjo fitting. 

These washers come  from a a high quality washer manufacturer and are of a higher quality than any other red fibre washer we have found - they cost much more than other manufacturers (approxiimately 3 times as much as others we have found of similar dimensions), but as the old saying goes - 'you get what you pay for!' . . . I use them on all my own Amal comp carb rebuilds,  

Slightly cheaper than Item 0165 when bought as a pack of six.


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