Lock Screw to fit Floatchamber Top Cover on Amal Type 276/TT/RN Carb (Stainless Steel)

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- This lock screw is an exact copy of the type fitted tmost types of Amal floatchamber screw covers - i.e those floatchambers fitted to Type 276, TT, RN or Dirt Track Carburettors - in fact almost all Amal float chambers that have a screw in top.  

This lock screw is CNC manufactured in stainless steel, with exactly the same distinctive profile curve to the head as the original (the hex flats are milled to the original dimensions, as this size of imperial hex is now difficult to obtain). Being stainless, as well as looking nice, it does not corrode - which the originals were prone to do.

Note on operation:  Although reasonably obvious, it is worth pointing out that the purpose of this lockscrew was to stop the screw in floatchamber top from vibrating loose in use.  The idea being that after screwing on the floatchamber top, this lockscrew was then fully tightened down and it just 'bit' into the top rim of the floatchamber to lock the top.  

If you are removing the top of a floatchamber for the first time to replace this lockscrew or check the float - it is worth remembering this, and unscrew this lockscrew first slightly.  I know I have forgot to do this myself in the past! (as well as stripping) numerous carbs in the past where it was not fully screwed in and locked down.  When fully tightened down, just the bottom of the thread protrudes past the under lip of the floatchamber screw top, and the ring/lip on the lockscrew goes fully into the counterbore on the top of the floatchamber screw top 

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