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This very useful little item is a 'Top Hat' Ferrule - is to fit original Doherty and other similar throttle twistgrips, which are not threaded at their cable end - and if you are using a throttle cable which has its threaded adjuster in the middle of the cable, not on the twistgrip end - therefore this 'Top Hat' ferrule will stop the cable sliding through the twistgrip hole. 

Background to this item:

We offer both original Doherty throttle twistgrips (Item 0942) and a cheaper offshore version.  Many people (myself included) still like to fit an original branded product if available - for originality sake.  However - the Doherty type twistgrip does not have a threaded end and adjuster fitted - instead it relies on two types of throttle cable fitting:

- A throttle cable that has the adjuster at the throttle twistgrip end, and a nut on the adjuster - then when the cable is fitted, it is the nut that stops the cable from dropping through the twistgrip cable hole

- OR:  if you have a throttle cable with the adjuster mid-cable  . . . and the end of the outer throttle cable is just the normal cable ferrule (normally 0.220"/5.5mm diameter or thereabouts on most old British Bike throttle cables) - then it would normally be necessary to fit a 'Top Hat' ferrule, which slips over the end of the inner cable before fitting it to the twistgrip - and that slides into the end of the Twistgrip, holding the cable outer captive, stopping it from sliding through.

This style of Top Hat used to be available many years ago - I remember seeing them myself at autojumbles and used to have a couple in my cable tin . . . but when a customer pointed this out to me some months ago (when purchasing a Doherty twistgrip) - I could no longer find a manufacturer or supplier of them.

So - we have now manufactured this useful little ferrule ourselves  - they are CNC manufactured from stainless steel - and are also mill/slotted, so they can be slid over the inner cable, without having to remove the bullet at the end of the cable.

Note:  These only need to be used if your throttle twistgrip does not have a threaded adjuster already fitted (i.e - our similar offshore twistgrips are threaded and do have an adjuster

The dimensions are as follows (in case fitting to an original twistgrip or other type of twistgrip or similar):

- Diameter of Top Hat - where it slides into Twistgrip hole: 0.306"/7.8mm

-  Receptor hole for receiving throttle cable ferrule: 0.223"/5.7mm

- Slot width, for sliding throttle cable 'inner' wire through: 0.081"/2.00mm

Please satisfy yourself this is satisfactory for your purposes - and follow all normal safety practices when fitting throttle cables

CNC manufactured by us in stainless steel.  Price is each

Sorry not cheap - a suprising amount of machining (including milling) to make this tiny item!  However we discount this item to £4 if bought at the same time as a Doherty twistgrip from us (Item 0942)

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