Red Fibre Washers - To fit amended Amac Lipped Main Jet Nut (and other Carbs?) - Pair

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This item is for a pair of high quality red fibre washers - which are an exact fit on the modified/lipped main nut (Item 1095) we offer to fit early Amac HYK carbs - please read item 1095 description before ordering these, and note that if ordering the 1095 nut - it already comes with a pair of washers, this listing is just for a pair of washers on its own.

Note that (although I am no expert on early Amac carburettors) - the original Amac bottom nuts of pre-1920 era I have seen do not have a lip - and no washers were use - it just relied on a very shallow taper on the nut - which was easily damaged and leaked, hence why we manufactured the modified lipped nut.  However, this design seemed so likely to receive damage and leak.. . . it would not suprise to know that later (1920s) Amac or similar carbs used a lipped bottom nut (as indeed later Amal carbs did).

However, if you require spare washers for these Item 1095 nuts . . . or think you have another carburettor which requires similar size red fibre washers - then here are dimensions of these washers:

Inner Diameter = 14.2mm.  Outer Diamter = 23.5mm. Depth = 1.4mm

These are high quality vulcanised red fibre washers, sourced from our specialist washer manufacturer.  Price is per pair.

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