Genuine Lucas 6v 2w BA9S Instrument Light Bulb: Type LLB287 - Each

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Genuine Lucas 6v 2 Watt speedometer/rev clock and instrument panel type bulb: Type BA9S LLB293, from the Lucas Classic range.  As fitted to most Norton models using Lucas (or proprietary) electrical lighting systems and Smiths Speedometers/Rev Clocks from the 1930's - 1960's.  Price is Each

This is a small single filament 6 volt bulb, and is of the type found in many Smiths Speedometer and Rev clock fitted with bulbs.  It was also fitted in some instrument panels.The diameter of the metal part of the buib (i.e. where it fits into the headlight/speedo bayonet) is - 9.1mm, and the bayonet prongs are parallel.

As far as I can tell, these small bulbs are identical to the Lucas 4W pilot bulb (Item1162), other than these are of a slightly smaller wattage - 2 Watts instead of 4 Watts.  The Lucas description indicates that these are Instrument bulbs - rather than the 1162 Item (which are described as Pilot Bulbs) - but I would expect they could be interchanged if you wished to use a stronger or weaker bulb.

similar to original specification.  However, we can supply by special order both 12 volt and high lumonisty modern 6v LED bulbs from Lucas as well.  Enquire for details and price - email

These bulbs come to us packed in a box of 10.  When buying a single bulb - we will pack each bulb in bubble wrap and sealable bag to protect it in transit.  If you buy a full box of 10 (enter 10 in the Qty field when ordering) - we will apply a 10% discount on the box of bulbs when we send the final invoice, and they will come packaged in the Lucas box.

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