SOHC Andre Damper - Front Spring Only - Stainless Steel (Each)

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This is the distinctive front spring, as fitted to the Andre damper units, fitted to SOHC Norton International/Manx models from early 1930's-1950 (and to some other competition marques - i.e. KTT Velocettes etc)

This listing is for the spring only (we also sell the complete Andre damper assembly - ready to fit - Item 0900), and is useful if you have an original damper unit that is missing its spring, or the spring is fitted - but rusty or dilapidated.  As our springs are manufactured in stainless steel, they look very pretty and improve the look in the prominent area they are positioned in. 

The spring has a slot at its base and slides into position between the bronze damper basket and the underlying vertical shaft assembly (that feeds into the top stem of your forks).  When the Andre damper is fully assembled, the notch at the top of the spring will push against the outer knurled face of the distinctive bakelite/plastic black knob, and stop it from unwinding in use.  Because the spring is slotted, it can be positioned as desired, to adjust the amount of pressure against the knob.

We have these springs manufactured for us by a specialist UK spring making company - and they are identical in profile to the original items (see the line drawing from the Norton 1948/1950 Spare Parts List - part no 72 in the picture.

Price is Each - and for the spring only.  We can also supply complete Andre dampers, with the same spring fitted - see Item 0900.

Note:  Andre dampers from the early 1930's normally standardise on the type shown here (with 4 friction plates) - but earlier Andre dampers from the 1920's were also fitted to numerous sports and competition models - often with the strap being bolted to the petrol tank, or the top rail of the frame - if a 1920s Flat tank Model (I have an original early Andre damper of this type fitted to my 1919 flat tank Douglas).  These earlier 1920's damper units normally had less friction plates than the type shown here - and therefore the total height from base to the knob was less.  Email us to confirm if you have one of these earlier units - but I would not expect the spring shown here to fit those earlier units, sorry.



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