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- This listing is for a high quality A5 Facsimile of the 1950 Norton Spare Part List - quite a rare year, in that it is similar to the definitive 1948 Spare Parts list (our Item 0230 . . . and the definitive catalog we use for referencing many of our parts), but wtih a number of minor changes - and the very important addition of the first DOHC (Manx) cambox and conical hus.  Reproduced from an original catalog in high quality A5 format.

This catalog is a faitful reproduction of the original - and the same size (although for some reason, the original 1950 catalog was slightly taller than A5 format .. . a paper size no longer avaiable - but also unnecessary, as it was just a taller blank top and bottom margin -our facsimile is printed on high quality double sided A5 format, but with less blank space on the top and bottom borders, as per our 1948 Spare parts catalog).

As always with our facsimile literature, this spare parts list is faithfully replicated from an original 1950 list in very good condition (including the inner first page - which has a red coloured Norton sticker placed over it, advertising a small price increase for 1951!), and has all marks/fingerprints etc carefully removed.  

The 1950 catalog on first impression is extremely similar to the 1948 Spare Parts List (which we always recommend regular customers should obtain a copy of - because we use the origtinal part numbers in that year to reference many of our own parts) - however, on closer inspection, there are lots of minor differences in the 1950 addition - which also includes the addition of the first 'Laydown' gearbox, conical Manx Norton hubs, slightly amended front fork detail and differences to petrol tanks etc.  Also for the first time (and possibly only time - as I never saw later DOHC cambox's listed in subsequent spare parts list), this spare parts catalog shows an exploded diagram of the first 'Longstroke' DOHC cambox, as fitted to the 1950 Gardengate Manx Norton, alongside the SOHC cambox which continued to be fitted to International models until 1955.

This catalog is 78 pages in total, and as always with these catalogs provides useful and interesting reaading.

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