Norton 1925 Maintenance Instructions For Touring and Speed Models (ie All Models) - A4 Facsimile

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This is a high quality facsimile of a very rare publication - the Maintenance Instructions for Touring and Speed Models from 1925, and it goes alongside our Spare Parts List from the same year - providing useful information for anyone owning or restoring a Flat Tank Norton. 

We print these pre-war catalogs in larger format making them easier to read  than the original A5 format - therefore A4 format makes this catalog ures much easier to see.  All else as per original - see detail information for more information. 

This facsimile has been faithfully coped from a genuine 1925 maintenance manual - and this (like the corresponding 1925 Norton Spare Parts List - Item 1150) is the only copy of this rare manual I have ever seen - a rare survivor from a bygone age.

This maintenance manual is 32 pages long.  I will admit, it does not have many pictures - being mostly text information, but it does make very interstting reading, and is very much geared to a very different age of motorcycle ownership where regular engine stripdowns and de-coking were a standard part of motorcycle ownership.  Much of the information is still pertinent today though, and is useful for getting a good feel for what is required to run a 'Flat Tank' Norton.

There is also a period and interesting to read chapeter, written by the great Norton Wizard of Speed - D. Rl O'Donovan, entitled 'Hints on Tips on Racing Engines'  As the chapter heading suggests - this section gives some useful tips on tuning Norton engines of that era - including original spark plug types and reference to both the flat tank TT, BRS and BS models.

The maintenance catalog does also include valve timing and ignition timing details - but as may be expected of such an early publication - these are mainly shown in fractions of an inch!

Altogether an interesting read, and re-produced on high quality A4 format, which makes is more easily readable than the original A5 format.

Final point - if wishing to buy this publication alongside the 1925 Spare Parts List (1150), we offer them both together as Item 1152, with a slight discount.


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