OHV/SV Big End -Spare End Nuts - Each

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Manufactured by a well established and specialist British bearing supplier who have been making these Bigends for many years - these Big End Nuts are to fit the standard OHV and SideValve Norton Big Ends.   

Price is Each

We sell complete OHV/SV Big Ends complete in two guises - Original (uncagegd) type - Item 0863 and Modified (caged) type  - Item 0864, both of which complete with the same nuts as shown here, but if for any reason you need a spare nut (or have damaged an original Big end nut, as often happens) - then these nuts should fit most original Norton OHV/SV Bigends.

Note, if buying these nuts to fit an original Big End - please email first to confirm thread details (as there have been many aftermarket manufacturers of Bigends over the years - and some may have used non original threads) 

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