1938 - 1947 Type - OHV Engine Pushrod - Adjustable Tappet: Spare Locknut (fits later Engines) - Each

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This item is for a spare locknut to fit 1938-37 OHV Pushrods.  These are CNC machined fron stainless steel to the same dimensions as original Norton pushrod locknuts, an original nut being used as the pattern, however we manufacture these in stainless steel.  We also sell the complete pushrod assembly - see Item 1125, but as stripped locknuts was a common issue with this pushrod design, we also sell the locknut seperately. 

We CNC manufacture these nuts from stainless steel using the correct Imperial Whitworth hex size, so they use the same 1/4" Whit spanner as the original nuts and the ball end hex.

Price is each

If you look carefully at the locknut, you will see it has a smaller chamfer on one side - that side is intended to lock against the end adjuster, although it does not make a lot of difference . . . but that is how the original nuts I have seen have been, 

In practice - as original pushrods for this engine type are now @80 years old, it is common to find the locknut has stripped its thread, therefore these nuts are useful if you have that issue.  However - I have also seen pushrods where the main adjuster thread (i.e. the male thread hex end, that presses onto the pushrod tube) has also stripped - if this is the case, then sorry - but you will need to replace the entire pushrod (our Item 1125), as we do not sell those items seperately.  I can also tell you that removing the original threaded end from an original pushrod is very difficult - as they are pressed on, and this can easily damage the tube to remove them.

Update Aug 2023:  I was asked by a customer recently if this locknut will fit the later 1948 onwards pushrods? (see last picture for this listing) - yes they will.  All key dimensions are the same - thread/hex/depth etc.  Actually, original 1948 onwards nuts dispensed with the chamfer (I doubt this was laziness on Norton's part - I think they probably found not many customers used proper pushrod adjuster spanners - which are slimmer than normal open ended spanners, and a nut without chamfer lessened chances of them getting mauled.  FYI - the last picture with locknut fitted (in lower right corner) shows a genuine slim pushrod nut spanner - of slim type . . . always a good idea if you can use them, these have been with me for 40 years! . . . but in answer to the question - yes these nuts will fit 1948 onwards OHV pushrods!

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