1926 - 1929 Type - OHV Front Rocker Adjuster - Spare Locknut in Stainless Steel - (Each)

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These are the distinctive 9/32" x 26tpi BSC tapered locknuts as fitted to the Norton OHV Ball type rocker adjusters from approximately 1926-29.  These have been CNC manufactured in stainless steel to exactly the same dimensions as a Norton 1920's example.  Note we also sell the locknut with the actual adjuster - see Item 1119, but as the original nuts are often chewed or come loose and fall off - we sell them on their own here.  

Price is each (i.e. one locknut)

The thread on these locknuts is - 9/32" x 26tpi BSC thread - as per the original item.

This nut is CNC manufactured in stainless steel to the original Norton design - which has a slight taper on one end - which should fit into the original Norton OHV Rocker recess.  The other end has a minimum chamfer.  This locknut is copied from an original period Item - but unlike the original, ours are CNC manufactured from stainless steel - to prevent rusting.  It should be noted that on the original 1920's nut that we coped - we noted that the depth of this nut was fractionally shallower than the original 1930 onwards original nut we also manufacture (Item 1123) - but the difference is minimal, and I suspect either type could be used.

See also the description listing for Item 1119 (Ball Type Adjuster and Locknut - Pair) for more background information on these items.

If these nuts are showing out of stock - then Item 1123 is a possible alternative as the depth difference of the later nut is only fractionally deeper than this type - we decided to make both types because we wanted each Rocker Adjuster/Locknut combination to be true to the original patterns we copied





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